The SuperGround® Team

Superground is sustainable to the bone

Meet the team of SuperGround®

Introducing the exceptional team at SuperGround®, a collective of experts working tirelessly to shape a more sustainable future.

Santtu Vekkeli

Santtu Vekkeli

Founder and Chief Inventor

Tuomas Koskinen

Tuomas Koskinen

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Andreas Holmberg

Andreas Holmberg

Commercial & Sales Director

Inka Liljeström

Inka Liljeström

Operations Director

Will there be any hard bone particles?

No. Our process transforms bone and other hard tissues into a mass with a mouth feel indistinguishable from the entire product.

What SuperGround® values

SuperGround® values passion, creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability in its employees.


We have each others' back. We listen to and respect each other as well as our customers. We continuously strive to provide a supportive and engaging work environment.


We believe in the power of working together in a collaborative way. We value relationships with our partners and their success is our success.


We each work to perform our tasks with well-developed-skillsets and competencies. Our goal is to deliver excellence and exceed expectations.


We are inspired to make a positive impact to the environment and people's health all over the world.


Continuous curiosity drives our business, never settle. We believe in improving and learning every day.

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