Fish Technology

Revolutionizing Sustainable Food Ingredients

Transforming the food industry, our groundbreaking technology harnesses the untapped potential of fish, delivering unparalleled final product excellence.

Explore four key advantages


All fish species side streams are possible for processing. We have extensive experience in processing salmon, rainbow trout, cod and baltic herring.


The taste is excellent! The fish mass can be used up to 50% in the final food product without compromising any of the characteristics compared to the original product.


Our process can use raw material such as fish heads, skin, scales and bones.


Our process can enable CO2 reduction by increasing the food yield by 20-70%.

To create the following

Tested food products with incorporated mass: Fish nuggets, Fish patties, Fish fingers, Fish paté, Soups & Cold cuts.

Same taste at a lower price

Taste the future of meat. It is delicious, efficient and sustainable.

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