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Superground is sustainable to the bone

Our one-of-a-kind food technology enables production lines to produce 30% more from poultry by harnessing the full nutritional potential of bones.

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SuperGround is an industrial partner for food production companies worldwide that aim to make their production instantly more efficient and sustainable.

Food production companies face rapidly changing food markets and accelerating climate change. SuperGround’s novel technology provides scalable solutions for previously unsolved food production challenges. Our holistic approach sustainably increases poultry-based food production volumes without major investments.

While helping reduce the food industry’s environmental impact, SuperGround is lowering emissions and food waste.

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Superground doesn't compromise on taste and food safety protocols

Without compromising on taste and food safety protocols, our patent-pending food production line turns whole chicken into delicious nutrition.

  • Incorporates poultry bones
  • Uncompromised taste
  • Improved efficiency
  • Fits any production pipeline
  • Sustainable to the bone

Frequently asked questions

Will there be any hard bone particles?

No. Our process transforms bone and other hard tissues into a mass with a mouth feel indistinguishable from the entire product.

Can I easily integrate SuperGround’s tech into an existing food production system?

Yes. SuperGround’s technology can be used for many food items, ranging from nuggets, sausages, kebabs, etc. When using our method to modify a recipe’s 30% total mass, a product will still have its familiar taste, smell, and mouth feeling customers love.

Why is it beneficial for the environment?

SuperGround’s process enables the entire use of whole gutted and plucked chicken without any loss in mass. The same chicken input yields up to 30% more food.

What does it cost?

SuperGround is cost effective and allows companies to produce more food products with their initial ingredients.

Is it super processed?

No. SuperGround process only uses heat, pressure and mechanical shear forces.

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