Poultry Technology

Superground offers the future of meat

Unlocking Sustainable Food Components

Revolutionizing the food industry, our pioneering technology unlocks the full potential of poultry, allowing us to create a final product that surpasses current industry standards.

Four key points that highlight the benefits


Our technology enables the use of poultry hard tissues and bones as food components. For example: leg bones, breast bones, back bones, wing tips etc.


The chicken mass can be used up to 20%-30% in the final food product without compromising any of the characteristics compared to the original product.


The taste is excellent! Our research show that the SuperGround mass improves the taste and overall quality of the final food product.


Our process can enable CO2 reduction by increasing the food yield by 20-70%.

What we get

The mass can be combined in producing: Chicken nuggets, Chicken sausages, Chicken patties, Soups, Cold cuts, Kebabs, Sauces (e.g. BBQ for Pulled Chicken), Integration in coatings & marinade.

Same taste at a lower price

Taste the future of meat. It is delicious, efficient and sustainable.

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Superground offers the future of meat