Superground is sustainable to the bone

Frequently asked questions

Will there be any hard bone particles?

No. Our process transforms bone and other hard tissues into a mass with a mouth feel indistinguishable from the entire product.

Can I easily integrate SuperGround’s tech into an existing food production system?

Yes. SuperGround’s technology can be used for many fish and poultry products ranging from nuggets, sausages, kebabs, patties, cold cuts, soups and more.

Our method can modify between 20 – 40% of a recipes total mass from fish and poultry while creating a juicier and meatier mouth feel and taste customers love.  

Why is it beneficial for the environment?

Our usage of undervalued fish and poultry side streams yields à 30-60% more from fish and 30% more food from chicken. Depending on the recipe, our hybrid meat has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions per kg of food by as much as 40%.

What does it cost?

SuperGround is cost effective and allows companies to produce more food products with their initial ingredients.

Is it super processed?

No. SuperGround process only uses heat, pressure and mechanical shear forces.

Same taste at a lower price

Taste the future of meat. It is delicious, efficient and sustainable.

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Superground offers the future of meat