SuperGround and Leading Swedish Seafood Company Korshags Establish a New Transformative Partnership

Press release announcing a strategic partnership with Sweden’s leading seafood company, Korshags

Press release announcing a strategic partnership with Sweden’s leading seafood company, Korshags


The leading Swedish seafood company Korshags recognized for its modern craftmanship enters an exclusive and explorative agreement with the Finnish foodtech pioneer Superground with the ambition to accelerate new sustainable production methods.

Korshags with its roots and operations based in Falkenberg Sweden has a long and proudhistory of being at the forefront of premium quality, craftmanship, innovation, and sustainability within blue food. A prioritized area for Korshags is to accelerate its food production to becomefully regenerative within a few years.

- The vision of Korshags is to change the perception of blue food amongst consumers, whilst never compromising on our core believes of healthy oceans and genuine craftmanship, says Jörgen Bergqvist Group CEO Ocean Collective and Executive Chairman of Korshags Food.

To help accelerate the ambition of becoming regenerative within food production a new transformative partnership is now formed between Korshags and Superground. Over the nextyear the partnership aims to explore ways to use Superground’s pioneering novel methods infood processing technology that refines undervalued bones and hard tissues from fish turning it into sustainable, tasty and profitable products.

- As we now enter the next stage for our company we are very excited of this new partnership between Superground and Korshags which will help us to further validate and scale our business model. In Korshags we have found a like-minded mission driven, ambitious, yet entrepreneurial partner and we look forward to making impact together, says Jaakko Kaminen Chief Executive Officer for Superground.

- We are very proud of this new transformative partnership which together with our branding and innovation pipeline will be a cornerstone in our future growth and impact strategy, says Jörgen Bergqvist.

About Korshags Food AB

Korshags is a Swedish seafood company from Falkenberg who leads the way through modern craft towards first class products combing the highest quality and sustainability.

Since the beginning of 2023 Korshag has new majority owners in Ocean Collective AB who has announced an intention to invest in a long-term strategy for growth and transformation towards next generation of blue food.

About Ocean Collective

Ocean Collective is a newly formed Swedish industrial group with the purpose to change people's relationship with our environment and to accelerate new sustainable solutions. We are pragmatic visionaries and combine existing and new solutions through collaboration with others to achieve maximum positive impact. We believe that the development of new technology combined with reaching broad consumer acceptance will play a decisive role in achieving a more sustainable society.

Our businesses as of today consists of Korshags Food AB and Ocean Next AB. Find out more:

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